Both you and your loved one are affected daily by our world’s healthcare crisis. Whether you are alone together in your home or your loved one is quarantined in a nursing facility each new day brings stress into your lives. Both caring from a distance or providing hands-on care presents unique opportunities to ease stress and create positive moments.

  1. Stay connected with family and friends by phone or computer. Brighten your loved one’s day with a phone call and tell them something positive happening to you today. If your loved one requiring care is able, visit them with a video chat. Even a brief conversation about normal everyday topics can shift persistent worry to a sense of connection and well-being.
  2. Do something that makes you smile every day. Create an activity that lightens your worries and takes your mind off the crisis. This can be as simple as watching the birds in the backyard or turning on a favorite comedy on TV. How about looking at old photos while listening to favorite music? Or preparing your loved one’s favorite food which provides both calmness and nutrition.
  3. Remain informed of, but not consumed by, Coronavirus updates. A steady diet of listening to the media keeps you off balance and makes it difficult to cope. This is especially true for your loved one living with dementia. They can’t understand that the news is happening in the world outside their home. To them it feels like those scary events are right in the room with them. This leads to heightened anxiety and can result in behaviors based on fear.

Take control over what you and your loved one watch and think about throughout the day. Choose a reliable news outlet like NPR and listen to a daily update. Then turn off the constant stream of fear and gloom – this is as infectious as the Coronavirus. Maintaining this sense of control makes it easier to cope with stress for all.

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