The nursing facility caring for your loved one just called to tell you that visitors aren’t allowed at this time. You’ve heard on the news that long term care facilities in your area are taking this precaution but you didn’t expect to receive “the call.” You wonder what is happening with your loved one and what you should do at this time.

  1. Understand the quarantine is intended to protect your loved one. This measure is not an action taken against you. Instead, the quarantine decreases health risks for all involved.
  2. Remain strong and supportive for your loved one. This is a scary time for them also and they look to you for calm guidance. In all communications with your loved one find something positive to share. See our companion blog “3 Ways to Nurture Yourself and Your Loved One During the Coronavirus Crisis” for specific tips.
  3. Build and maintain positive relationships with the nursing staff caring for your loved one. Hopefully, you’ve already made connections with their regular healthcare personnel – RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and other care providers.
  4. Emphasize the things that are going right when discussing nursing facility policies with others in the community. The facility and their staff members are working hard to provide the very best care possible. Your focus on positive efforts lessens your fear and brings you greater peace of mind. This same positive focus then helps your loved one feel more secure and cared for by their healthcare providers.
  5. Realize you are not alone in your concerns and fears. Family members of all facility residents also received “the call”. Have you made friends with other families? Reach out to them and support one another during this challenging time. Make a different kind of phone call and create a community with the other families experiencing this same crisis. Staying connected with others that understand your concerns helps you remain stronger and better able to cope.

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