Caring for an aging loved one keeps you constantly on guard and searching for solutions to changing care needs. Just when things are going smoothly, you get a call informing you of a fall or a hospitalization and your world changes yet again. Who can you turn to for trusted advice to address this new challenge?

Now, professional elder care experts are just a phone call away.  Even one session with a credentialed care manager at Virtual Care Coach brings new understanding of your unique situation and provides practical solutions you can act on right away.

Empowering you in the family caregiver role is our goal. Imagine your relief when you recognize all the things you’re already doing well! Whether you care for a parent with dementia, manage a loved one’s chronic illness, or want to hire in-home care, we understand your world. Working together, we’ll create personalized answers to your questions.

We match your needs to the appropriate resources which saves you time and money. Plus, you’re prepared to make better choices as you continue to coordinate care in the future. In less than an hour, you gain valuable tools you can use time and again throughout your caregiving journey.

We appreciate your commitment of caring for your family member. But we also recognize how important it is that you care for yourself during the process. Your personal well-being is critical to effective family caregiving.  Write down a few activities that either relax you or energize you. And keep that list handy for when a 10-20 minute break calls your name. Your list is written permission for self-care.

We wish you well on your caregiving journey.