What are you doing to stay mentally and emotionally healthy today? When the world outside you seems out of control, what helps you cope? If you’re still trying to figure this out, join me in brainstorming some solutions.

Limit your time spent listening to the news. Schedule two brief news breaks during the day to stay informed. Recognize the negative impact that constant news streaming has on your health and state of mind. You use social distancing to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Also use common sense and turn off the media spreading the Bad News Virus to your mind.  Don’t allow bad news to consume your day.

Are you caring for a loved one in your home? Concentrate on keeping familiar routines. Wake up at the same time. Prepare meals at the same time. Watch your favorite TV show or listen to favorite music. We all crave normal routines that provide structure to our day. This is especially true for our loved ones with memory loss.

Do you normally go outside for a walk in the afternoon? Instead, take a walk within your home. Plan your route to include the view from different windows – stop a moment and take in your neighborhood or backyard. Connect to nature by opening the window and smelling the fresh air or feel the breeze. Now that it’s spring, observe the changes in the tree outside the window. Treat yourself and your loved one to these simple acts that restore a sense of peace and normalcy.