Social distancing may separate us physically, but it doesn’t keep us from making life sustaining connections. During this time of national and global upheaval and fear it’s important to seek connection with community whatever that means to you. Perhaps your local region is instructed to stay at home and shelter in place at this time. What can you do to both give and receive a sense of community?

Who are the people you miss spending time with? Many of you will say you miss time with family members. For others it will be friends or groups you belong to. What usually brings you together with these important people in your life? Do you meet your friend for coffee or go out with co-workers for lunch? If you’re missing these routine contacts, then likely others feel the same way.

Be creative and dream up a new way to “be together.” Make yourself a cup of coffee and then call your loved one for a chat while you drink your coffee. It’s reassuring to share the happenings in your life with them and hear about their day in return. Whether it’s just a phone call or something like FaceTime you’ve created a new to help you both cope with anxiety and concern.

Expand the possibilities for larger groups… Set up a account and invite your people to chat. Or set up a Zoom conference so others can join by phone or video. Taking the lead in organizing these times together relieves your stress and gives you control in this important part of your life.

Even 15-30 minutes per day of social connection strengthens your immune system and helps you cope with changing circumstances. Be proactive and reach out to others, you’ll be glad you did.