What is Virtual Care Coaching?

What is Virtual Care Coaching?


Our Virtual Care Coaches are professional care managers who meet with you over the phone. Experience expert caregiving guidance from anywhere you have telephone access, such as the comfort of your own home or from your workplace during a lunch break. Our clients prefer meeting by phone because it is easier, more private, and you don’t have to worry about what is going on in the background at your location or how you are dressed.


Our specialized knowledge includes:

Dementia Care

  • How do I care for my grandfather with dementia when he resists everything I try to do? Could a Memory Care facility help?
  • I’m concerned about my Mother’s driving. How do I know when it is time for her to stop? How do I talk to her? Is there anybody who can help?

Medical Advocacy and Navigating Healthcare Systems

  • I question whether my Father should be taking so many pills. I go to his doctor appointments with him, but I don’t feel like they listen to my concerns.
  • How do I help my partner just diagnosed with cancer and advocate for him when speaking with the doctors about treatment?
  • My Mom moved into a nursing home and it’s not going like I expected. I need advice.

Caregiving and the Workplace

  • Providing care for my loved one is interfering with my work productivity. Should I talk to my boss?
  • I work full time and have my own family to take care of. I’ve taken time off work to help my parents, but I can’t be with them every day. I love them but I’m exhausted and frustrated. What services are available? Who can help me care for them?

Caring from a Distance

  • Mom’s doctor just called. She recommended I contact hospice. Mom cries when I talk to her and I know she needs help but I live 1400 miles away. What do I do now?

Palliative Care, Advance Care Planning, Advance Directives, and End-of-Life Care

  • My mom is in the hospital and they are asking me to make decisions for her. I have never had to do this before.  Am I allowed to do this? How do I decide what to do?
  • My sister’s doctor recommended palliative care but didn’t really explain what that means. Can she still receive her treatments?
  • The Assisted Living facility is telling us we need to complete Advance Directives, what does this mean?

Caregiver Self-Care and Managing Family Dynamics

  • My Dad has dementia and my Mom, who was caring for him, died unexpectedly. My family members disagree about what to do next. How can we work together?
  • My mother is caring for my grandmother, and I can tell she is exhausted. What community resources could help her?

Chronic or Serious Illness Care Coordination

  • My brother with diabetes had to have his leg amputated 2 months ago. What resources are available to support him physically and emotionally?

Evaluating Care Options and Facilities

  • Grandma gets confused and isn’t taking her medications correctly. She fell 3 times last week and was taken to the emergency room. Is she still safe to live alone?

Aging in Community and Hiring In-Home Care

  • My neighbor told me she hired in home care for her parents. Is this right for our family?

    Whatever your unique care concerns are, we can help you develop processes for structuring your daily care tasks.


    Your Virtual Care Coach™ will call you at your scheduled time. We encourage you to get comfortable, settle in, and have a pen & paper ready to take notes.

    45-Minute Care Planning Session

    First, we listen to a brief story of your unique situation. Second, we partner with you to identify your top 2-3 concerns. And together we create a clear next steps plan to address your concerns.

    This session focuses on empowering you as the Caregiver. We value your knowledge, experience, and insights as the expert in your own caregiving journey. We’ll also remind you that self-care is an important part of the process. As the session ends, you will feel more confident, gain peace of mind, and say, “I Can Do This!”

    After the session you receive a brief email recap reminding you of the key recommendations we discussed.

    15-Minute Get To Know Us Session

    Our Care Plan Sessions are usually the best choice for our clients. However, you may be new to Virtual Care Coaching, and are still wondering what to expect. We encourage you to schedule a 15 Minute Get To Know Us Session. This gives you the chance to test the virtual care coaching experience. During this brief call, we listen to your primary caregiving concern and give you a recommendation on how to manage your situation.


    You can make as many appointments with us as you desire. Coaching is often an on-going process and many clients benefit from follow up sessions.  These allow us to discuss what went well, or what might need to be modified as your caregiving circumstances change. 


    Virtual Care Coaching™, is just that, coaching. The Virtual Care Coaches with Life Changes Care do not provide medical advice or professional counseling services. We appropriately direct you to obtain medical advice and care from your local practitioners. Work with them as your healthcare experts for specific questions, concerns, and guidance regarding health conditions, medications, diagnostic testing, and all treatment considerations.

    We also do not contact resources or care providers on your behalf.  However, WE DO help you become a true medical advocate. In your role as a caregiver, you are often also the medical decision maker. It’s extremely important you personally evaluate any resource or care provider before choosing the best options for your loved one. You are the expert, and only you can make the actual decision.

    We’ll guide you on what questions to ask, and how to navigate healthcare systems to obtain the care your loved one desires. This puts you in control, and you will use these skills over and over throughout your caregiving journey.

    Currently, we offer Virtual Care Coaching in the English language only.


    • Our industry knowledge and practical recommendations, combined with your care and commitment, creates your personalized next steps plan. When you’re lost in the  “doing” of caregiving, it’s hard to recognize your own strengths and what is going right. Once we help you recognize your strengths, you will start feeling a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your caregiving tasks.
    • Our coaches provide an objective viewpoint. Our goal is to empower you in your caregiving role. We respect and support both your rights and responsibilities to make care decisions for your loved one. We want to place you in the driver’s seat to make informed choices.
    • We focus on helping you create the appropriate questions to evaluate and obtain the information, services, and care you desire. This puts you in control of your loved one’s care and allows you to protect their health, safety, and well-being.
    • We recognize that caregiving is often a challenging job.  You are managing your personal life, perhaps a full-time career, children, spouse, and your home. In addition, you are doing your best to provide either hands-on care or caregiving from a distance.  Our sessions are designed to support you through all phases of your caregiving journey.


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